Monday, April 27, 2009

Treadmill Faith?

Here's a post from a Facebook group in in with my church in gainesville ( -- watch the sermons, they're really good). we had a discussion about legalism, what it is and is it dangerous, and here's what i had to say, i've been thinking about things like this lately so i figured i'd post this on here.

Let me just say that I am against legalism, its wrong, its flawed, and its a totally warped view of a life with Jesus. But also, I'm not scared of legalism. I'm also not scared of the prosperity gospel and things like that. I believe we shouldn't just not care when things like this pop up in the church and just be ok with false doctrines and teachings, but i just want to encourage everybody and let you know that I see such a harvest right now that is growing and people who's lives are being changed by Jesus. its amazing what is happening in just our own church!

Yes, we can all increase and grow in the Lord (and it needs to be continuously growing), but man, i'm so excited about what God is doing. When people really live lives full of love, joy, and power, all the false doctrines and lies of the enemy burn away and only the truth remains.

I believe that legalism can be a powerful tool of the enemy and is used a lot to keep people in bondage to guilt and pride and things like that, but when the saints of God start living lives consumed by Him and in His freedom, the powers of death will constantly be shut out by the life of Jesus. So maybe as Christians, its not all about hunting down the lies but more about seeking out the Truth. Continue to live lives passionate for the Lord, seeking His glory out, because God is answering and moving in people who are ready to be moved. and Jesus is freedom from all legalism.

I'm starting to reevaluate things in my life lately. as to what is good and what is gaining anything worth gaining. is what i am chasing after worth it really?

i was in the gym the other day (or as i like to call it- insecurity's paradise) and I was running on the treadmill for a little while. in between my blackouts, I looked around at everyone running on the treadmills and machines like that, and thought, "funny. everyone's running but nobody's getting anywhere." And i thought about my life spiritually. i'm exuding a whole lot of energy each day towards something, and i am "running", but am i getting anywhere?

are we as the body and bride of Christ (the church) getting anywhere? I think its a question worth asking yourself daily. The Bible is very clear that "not everything is beneficial. (1 Corinthians 6:12, 1 Corinthians 10:23)

I'm graduating college this saturday and I'm trying to pull a lot of things in my life into perspective, and I'm asking the Holy Spirit to search me out and clear me of pointless, unfruitful words and practices.
Psalm 139:23 - "Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts."

This for me today meant getting rid of some movies I had that were no good for me. Personally I don't think it means i need to stop watching all movies, but after I watch some I just do not feel ok inside. so that to me should have been a dead giveaway that they are ones i do not need to keep in my possession. And really I don't feel like I am missing out on anything by not having them anymore. It may look like something different tomorrow.

I'm not trying to be legalistic and say "Is this wrong? is that wrong? is this good? is that bad?" But i do want to be conscious of what my hands and feet are doing. The question should be "am I living a life that is immersed in the Spirit of God and in His love?" as we seek Him harder and harder, the sin and the pointless, unfruitful things in our lives i believe will fall away. not to say we will never sin again, but I really think we'd see some greater things in our lives and in the lives we connect to.

So if we're going to run, i say we get off the treadmills.

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